Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Setting Up The Email

First things first is always a good way to order things, so let's start by creating some email addresses.

I am going to be using Hotmail as the email provider for the purpose of this experiment. My personal preference for email is to use GMail because I seem to get far fewer unsolicited emails in that account. It is precisely for this reason that I am not using GMail. I don't want any of the potential spam messages to be pre-filtered before hitting my inbox.

So, here goes... As I said in the the first post, I will be setting up the email accounts using details that are very similar to mine, but with fake names. The names need to be realistic enough to be believed by a potential spammer, so I have chosen to send a nod to the Chris Moyles show, and blatantly thieve a few of the recent funny names that were mentioned on the show. For anybody that is unfamiliar with the Chris Moyles Show, I have added a video to the bottom of this blog that will hopefully explain that bit.

So the names I have chosen are as follows:


Each of the accounts will be held as British accounts, and will have their birthdays set so that they are all 32 on the 1st December 2012.

While I am setting those accounts up, why not check out that Chris Moyles thing...

*** The actual names of the accounts have now been removed from this post. For an explanation as to why, please see this post here

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