Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Setting Up Facebook

I have just set up the Facebook account for one of the people in the experiment. As mentioned in the first post of this blog, I have tried to emulate the security options that I am using for my personal account. The problem here is that it has been so long since I last checked my security settings that I have pretty much forgotten what they are. Luckily, I have a wide enough screen that I can have two separate browsers side by side.

The first thing that I need to do is set the option so that only friends can see any of the posts that I am writing. As explained previously, this account will not actually have any friends, but it will be interesting to see how much Facebook will learn about the user with a closed profile.

The next thing to setup is the How You Connect section. I have set this up so that anybody can search for the user based on their email address and phone number. I will not be adding a phone number to the accounts firstly because I don't have a spare number to use, and secondly my phone number is not attached to my personal account. Only friends of friends (of which there will be none) will be able to send friend requests, and only friends will be able to send messages to the user.
Although perhaps a little light on setup, that is pretty much all I need to do for the time being. Now I just need to start liking applications and pages, and see if I start getting any curious emails in my inbox.

More soon.

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